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Amateur Radio Special Event Station at Burning Man 2006

2005 Photos of N7B by "The Civilized Explorer"

The Theme of Burning Man 2006: "Hope and Fear: The Future"


We take comfort in the notion that we have a radio past to guide us, but we reinterpret history every day according to what happens in the radio present. The future, too, is a transmission in what is called the here and now. But even what we term the here and now is largely an imaginary QTH and UTC. If we transmit a message exactly now, we have already spoken in the past by the time it is received. We are caught in an electromagnetic slipstream, a state of perpetual ionic flux. The present really narrows down into the thinnest slice of ON AIR time. It is no wider than the span of a RF photon radiating from an antenna. The future is renewable, and N7B will be as well. Solar panel batteries will power a modest 100 Watt station into voice communication with the world of hopes and fears. The Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada is a challenging place for an amateur radio station, yet in this pre-historic lakebed lies all our tomorrows.

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A truly AWESOME photograph by Marilyn Caven is featured on the 2006 N7B QSL card.
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