WI7B's antenna at sunset

The present set-up is a modified "Texas bugcatcher" [coil #680] that is counter-poised. The whip consists of the two tops section of a Shakespeare Style 393 23 ft. (7.01 M) SSB marine whip, making it 15.33 ft. (4.67 M) long. A 1"-14 to 3/8"- 24 stainless steel threaded adapter was specifically made such that the lower section of the marine whip is tightly secured to the coil.

It is mounted atop two Radio Shack mast sections, 6 meters above ground. An 1"1/2 x 1"1/8 cylinderical aluminum bolt was fabricated and tapped for 3/8"-24. This was press-fitted in the upper mast section and used to secure the coil to the mast with a 3/8"-24 stud. The 6 through 160 meter amateur bands are fully tunable.

A 2 meter square loop is mounted below the coil. A surrounding metal roof "panorama" to the east and south east adds a conductive high angle take-off to an otherwise unobstructed radiative pattern.

The whip in winter. On 26-27JAN08 a winter's storm covered the high desert in 8 inches of snow and 1/2 inch of ice. Now, all that ground loss can go to work and melt the accumulation on my antenna system. Hi Hi!

The coil on 06DEC08, a desert sunset...

The original WI7B antenna can be found here.