NEW PCB for the AL-811 500W HF amplifier

Yes, every ham loves to spend hours replacing electronic components in their equipment. Not!
It became necessary for me to do some repair work on this little baby after the input and output relays failed (twice), and re-soldering them had ripped up the foil on the original input PCB. So, I talked to Ameritron and ordered a new PCB (pictured during installation above).
I used my digital camera extensively to take JPGs of the original wiring set-up so as not to be confused when I installed the new PCB. Well worth the photographic effort.

The final steps were the attachment of the rear backplate to the new PCB and soldering in the RF, Relay, and ALC leads (pictured above).

The completed assemble (above) only needed a couple more re-solderings. For example, I always wondered why my 10m transmission using the amp was problematic. Note the coil on the right side of the photo. That poor solder job to the tap on the left is for 10m (note the brown resin everywhere). The solder joint was barely touching! So, fixed that. As an aside, note those beautiful Taylor 572B tubes. Yep, I replaced the original 811As long ago.

And it works, hallelujah!