The station HF and VHF/UHF radios run on renewable solar energy.

My intial "solar station" included this one 15 Watt amorphous silicon solar panel fitted to the metal roof above the shack. It's used to trickled-charge a 12V deep-cycle battery. Diode-blocking in the panel protects the panel from reverse current as the battery reaches full charge. In direct sunlight, the panel produces 20V open-circuit. However, it is able to provide charge even in overcast and rainy conditions. It was purchased from Silicon Solar for under $120.

I recently added three more 15W panels as a package from Harbor Freight for under $200. These panels look exactly like the Silicon Solar panel. The package came with a charge controller that includes a 5V USB outlet. In this photo I've placed them safely, but inefficiently behind one balcony window. All four panels daily re-charge my AGM battery to operate WI7B and to charge my cellphone and Acer One netbook.

The deep-cycle 12V 33AH SLA AGM battery with the finished wire set. Although it is capable of working in a range of temperatures, maximum efficiency is maintained by keeping the battery inside. Absorbant glass mat technology allows 99% of produced hydrogen and oxygen gases to recombine in the battery, while acid leaking is mitigated. It was purchased at a Battery-Plus mall outlet for under $80.